Maria Boyle

Lichen 2


This collection is a continuation of my Lichen collection, creating pieces for sale.

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Copyright © 2016 Maria Boyle. All rights reserved.

'Reindeer' - 1.07 m x 76 cm; Linen, screen-printed, hand painted and needle felted, on a stretch frame

'Lichen Digital Canvas' - 60 cm x 20 cm; Digital print of section of 'Migration' on stretch canvas. SOLD

'Lichen 2 - 20cm x 65cm x 4 cm; Dyed and screen-printed noil silk with needle felting, on stretch canvas.

'Lichen Sculptures - 11cm x 10cm x 10cm, 12cm x 9cm x 9xm, 13cm x 10cm x 10cm; Dyed noil silk, with puff binder, needle felting and hand stitch.

'Lichen Print - 104cm x 53.5cm; Digital print on paper of section of 'Migration', framed with wood and glass