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Maria Boyle


Dream Collection


A small collection of original work created in response to Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' play for a collaborative group show.


Collaborating with writer/artist Sheila Farrell we were drawn to the Queen Mab speech made by Romeo’s friend Mercutio (Act 1, scene 4) that speaks of the mischievous fairy Queen Mab who meddles with our dreams. Mab comes from Celtic folklore and the speech put me in mind of the images of the strange creatures in the corbels at Kilpeck Church in Herefordshire. Sheila grew up in Ireland and was surrounded by a culture of such mythical tales. So, we played with the notion of the uncanniness of dreams.


This 'Dream Collection' combines my creature drawings with a careful use of colour and materials. It aims to capture a sense of the hyper-reality of our dreams and nightmares, and of the familiar and unfamiliar touched with faerie magic. Some of Sheila’s words are also incorporated into the work.


Working with luscious draping cloth in Noil silk, silk velvet and linen three unique wall hangings are created. Dyes and dye pastes with screen printing were combined to create an evocative mood, together with hand painting and other techniques such as discharge printing, devouré and flock.


All are available for sale.




Copyright © 2018 Maria Boyle. All rights reserved.

'Dreams' - 99 cm x 97 cm; Noil Silk, dyed, hand screen-printed, hand painted, with discharge paste and flock, on a wood batton.


'Nightmares' - 109 cm x 100cm; Silk velvet, dyed, hand screen printed, devoure paste, on a wood batton.

Maria Boyle, 'Dreams' June 2018
Maria Boyle, 'Dreams' closeup, June 2018

'Faerie Magic' - 72 cm x 104 cm; Linen, hand screen printed and painted, with flock, on a stretch screen.

Maria Boyle, 'Nightmares' closeup,  June 2018
Maria Boyle, 'Nighmares', June 2018
Maria Boyle, 'Faerie Magic', June 2018
Maria Boyle, 'Faerie Dreams' closeup, June 2018
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