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Listed here are my main workshops. They are designed to be suitable for all levels of experience.

If you require something different I am happy to develop something bespoke to suit your needs, whether this is for a one-, two- ,or five-day workshop/ summer school.

I am also available for talks about my creative practice, inspirations and work.


Please contact me at:


If you have any special requests, please get in touch.



Examples of students work:


















Examples of my workshops:

'Colour and Dye Effects'

Working with colour and its meaning is an important part of my practice. This workshop explores the psychology and language of colour and its use in self-expression. In addition its offers practical advice on how to use a colour wheel, mix difficult hues and ways to explore your personal colour palette.Then using pigments and dyes have fun with colour making your own pieces on cloth and/or paper.


'Exploring the Embellisher and Needle-felting Effects'

Discover various dry needle-felting techniques with both hand-felting needles and needle-felting machines (Embellisher). Using a variety of wonderful soft fibres explore various marks and make tactile samples with various constructive textile effects. Then make a brooch to your own design to take home.


'Dye Effects for Cloth'

Explore pigment colour theory, colour wheels and mixing complex colours. Then we will direct dye cloth using Procion MX dyes and create different effects using manutex, resists and discharge paste. Students leave with lots of different samples and have a number of useful techniques they can replicate at home.


'Monoprinting Effects for Cloth'

Using fast and fun mono-printing techniques create a variety of dry-point effectson cloth using acrylics and textile paints. Create unique prints layering colour, mark and line-drawings and leave with a number of wonderful cloth samples and finished pieces.


'Harmonious Colours'

Explore colour theory, colour harmony, colour psychology and colour mixing of pigments.

Make your own colour wheel, and explore new colour combinations that can be applied across your life. Be more confident mixing your own colours and pigments and what you are saying with colour. Understand and develop your personal colour palette and explore new colour combinations. Leave with handouts, references, your colour wheel and a personal mood board/colour palette and feeling more confident in your colour choices.
















Past workshops

- 'Magical Colour Mono-printing', ArtistsWorkhouse, Studley

- 'Mono-printing with texture on cloth", 2 day workshop at Art Van Go, Knebworth.

- ‘Harmonious Colours’ talk and workshop, Chelford Embroiderers Guild.

- 'Harmonious Colours', Cotswold Embroiderers Guild

- 'Colour Effects', ArtistsWorkhouse

- 'Exploring the Embellisher & Needle Felting Effects', Stow on the Wold & Countryside E.G.

- 'Exploring Needlefelting and 'Mono printing for cloth', Northern Ireland Embroiderers Guild

- 'Monoprinting Effects for Cloth', Worcester Embroiderers Guild.

- 'Harmonious Colours', Leamington Spa Embroiderers Guild.

-  De Montfort University Visiting Lecturer, Talk, demo/workshop, tutorials

- 'Harmonious Colours', North Wales Embroiderers Guild.

- 'Dye Effects for Cloth', Frodsham Quilters Guild

- 'Harmonious Colours', Oxford Embroiderers Guild.

- 'Monoprinting Effects for Cloth', Art Van Go, Knebworth


Feedback from 'Monoprinting Effects for Cloth', Worcester E.G.

"On behalf of the ladies who attended your workshop last week, I would like to say

a huge thank you.

We were a little tentative at the beginining, but I think that there were some really interesting and creative pieces produced. It was lovely to see the results at the end of the day. I hope that you enjoyed teaching us and got as much out of it as we did. I can't wait to start stitching into mine.

We really appreciated your time and preparation for an informative and inspiring workshop", Julia


Some comments from 'Marvellous Monoprinting' students

at Art Van Go

"Most enjoyed lots of hands on experimentation and plenty of room for

questions and feedback", Margaret


"Enjoyed the variety of techniques and experimental nature of it", Dawn


"Many thanks. I really enjoyed myself and feel inspired to continue", Sarah










Comments from 'Harmonious Colours' students

at Banbury and Bicester College and ArtistsWorkhouse

"Thanks for a really useful day and for sharing your experience.", Margaret


" The workshop was great and fun. Very helpful! Thank you!", Eva


" Very good. I learnt a lot about cool and warm colours and using a

colour wheel to mix my colours", Holly


" Easy to follow, practical and useful to know", Elena



Some comments from 'Harmonious Colours' students

at North Wales E.G.

"My eyes have been opened!", Angela


"Its been a very enjoyable day. Thank you very much", Kay


"Really enjoyed the day, very informative. Thank you", Linda


"Learnt so much", Sue











Some comments from 'Exploring the Embellisher and

Needle-felting Effects' students at Artists Workhouse

"Enjoyed trying different fabrics/ threads, having a variety of materials

to experiment with", Angela


"Most learnt from the techniques which were clearly demonstrated and

use of embellishing machine", Gina


"Enjoyed all of it! Enjoying a new skill was very therapeutic!", Prue















Thank you email post from 'Dye Effects for Cloth' from Frodsham Quilters Guild

"Hello Maria,

Thank you so much for a fabulous day today.  You gave us so many ideas to try and also to take away to try later.  Everyone was very involved in what they were doing and interested in the differing effects they were obtaining - a great result.  Thank you also for being so organised with your dyes in their various forms.  Your earlier efforts made the day very easy given the limited facilities we had; we do appreciate it."



Mono-printing effects pic 1
Mono-printing effects pic 2
Mono print example
Maria Boyle Harmonious Colours
workshop photo 4
Harmonious Colours Workshop
Maria Boyle 6
Maria Boyle 5

Maria Boyle


Workshops and Talks

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New Needle felt, Blue
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