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'Journey' - 3 m x 54 cm: Noil silk, dyed, screen-printed, with appliqué and hand stitch

'Red Map' - 59 cm x 52 cm; Calico, hand dyed and painted, with appliqué and hand stitch

'Journey Barriers' - 91 cm x 28 cm; Noil silk, dyed, screen-printed, with appliqué, hand stitch and needle felting

Maria Boyle




This collection is inspired by my love of forests from a childhood spent visiting my maternal family in Northern Sweden. It brings to life the traditional reindeer migration with the Sámi from their summer grazing lands of the mountains towards the lichens of the forests that they need to live on through the

winter - despite some landowners' barriers along their journey.


In particular it celebrates a landscape rich with life, and the lichens that give life to the Reindeer and the Sámi herders. Colour is light, light is life, and life is lichen.

Available for exhibition or commission. Please contact me for further details.


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Copyright © 2014 Maria Boyle. All rights reserved.

'Migration' - 32 m x 5 cm;  Noil Silk, dyed, screen-printed and needle felted

'Lichen Micro' - 1.10 m x 19 cm; Noil silk, dyed, hand painted, needle felted and hand stitched

'Lichen Macro' - 1.44 m x 67.5 cm;  Peasant Cotton, dyed, and hand painted

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